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So I love my life.
Tuesday. 5.10.11 2:30 am
I mean it, things have been going really great and things are interesting, and I have no major complaints. Progress and answered prayers. <3

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Can I PLEASE just say
Monday. 3.21.11 1:58 am
That I really fucking dislike people. Like honestly I dislike so much people because the people who live around my area just clash with my personality. In other words I am mature, and everyone else are idiots! These fucking morons, I seriously think they need a reality check SOON! FUCK PEOPLE FUCK PEOPLE FUCK PEOPLE.

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Still there?
Tuesday. 3.15.11 2:55 am
Hey everyone. I've been out for a while. Life has been a bitch. Like badly. One after the other just tumbling on down like an avalanche and it's been an emotional unhealthy roller coaster I've been dying to get out of. I bought a journal, haven't written in a while but my gut felt like posting on here. Anyways my minds been very here and there and everywhere lately. I'm almost lost and at the same time getting places with these ideas I develop as results of these past experiences I've been going through. Anyways I worry about bigger things in the world sometimes like Japan and Libya and whatnot. But anyways if there is someone out there listening and reading whatever, I am in distress and I don't care if you reply or not, but if you listened, then I thank you so much. An open ear is hard to come by nowadays.

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Monday. 1.24.11 1:26 am
...that this semester will be a billion times better than the last, and that college becomes beyond amazing. <3

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Overworking myself.
Friday. 1.21.11 5:41 pm
I'm too desperate to shed off a couple pounds. I overdo it but I can't stop and I realized it's been hours and I'm more exhausted than I should be. I'm not even on the heavy side, but it'd be nice to look at pictures of myself and not be disgusted.

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I'm ready, 2011
Sunday. 1.2.11 12:58 am
For whatever you have to throw at me. I wan't a better life, a life to live to the fullest, and I am so ready for it, It's about time I embrace my youth :) I'm excited and determined. Bring it on :P

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Tuesday. 12.28.10 9:41 pm
And it only took me my second try. Yaaayy I can finally start learning how to drive...even though I'm already 18 :P

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Best Christmas Holiday Ever.
Monday. 12.27.10 3:31 am
Enough said. Except for: making gingerbread houses drunk was fun. :)

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